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Glitz and Glamour At The Opening Night Of A Journey Through Time X
Kuala Lumpur, 4 November 2016
The milestone 10th anniversary celebration of Asia’s premier watch and jewellery showcase, A Journey Through Time, officially opened the doors to its tenth year with an exhilarating evening filled with opulence and glitz.

Celebrating a Legacy
The Star, 2 November 2016
There is something to be said about building a brand that lives on. For Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh, it involves hard work and the notion of never giving up – which has led to the success that is A Journey Through Time (AJTT).

Dubbed as Malaysia’s premiere watch and jewellery showcase, it celebrates art and craftsmanship, as well as highlighting an appreciation for high fashion, fine food and world-class entertainment.

“It was born in 2007 from a passion we shared for the finest timepieces and their heritage. Over the decade, we have been blessed to see the event and Starhill Gallery grow to become icons of luxury shopping,” Francis explains.

According to him, AJTT was founded on the likeness of Baselworld. The international event, held in Switzerland each year, is considered as the most important marketplace and trendsetting show for the world’s watch and jewellery industry.

“Baselworld is targeted at distributors and retailers. Our event is more for the consumers. It’s for them to view some of the new watches here. That said, brands have gone further by unveiling special watches for AJTT,” he adds.

Also present during this interview was his son Joseph Yeoh. Joseph is seen to be the person who will eventually take over the stewardship and bring AJTT to greater heights in the coming years.

“For the past two years, I have been more involved in the operations. I’ve also been given more creative freedom. I’m excited to carry it on. And we’re really looking forward to the next 10 years,” Joseph states.

“I always had a passion for retail, and I would like to think that I received that from my father. He enjoys the creative elements of watches and horology, and I feel that has really driven him to continue pushing AJTT to the limits.”

10th A Journey Through Time by YTL is a monument of style
The Star, 28 October 2016
If you adore high-quality craftsmanship and artistry, the 10th A Journey Through Time (AJTT X) is right up your alley as it showcases some of the world’s most exquisite adornments by world-famous watchmakers, jewellers and fashion designers.

Results: 4 - 6 of 351
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