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Kimora brings in fabulosity
Malay Mail, 26 September 2013
Kimora gained fame through her television programme Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane.

On Sept 23, Kimora tweeted: “W the PM of #Malaysia Dato Sri Najib, my dear Dr Tim and Tan Sri Azman in #San-Francisco” as well as “In #SanFrancisco with my friend Datin Sri Rosmah at the opening ceremony of Khazanah SF.”

Early this month, the six-footer Kimora was spotted at Kuala Lumpur’s luxury shopping centre Starhill Gallery, for the launch of an online television channel based on the fashion and lifestyle of Starhill Gallery Luxury Channel.

“Since I know the family of Yeoh (Tan Sri Francis Yeoh) and Teoh (Arianna Teoh), I became close to them and that will make me come here often.

“I was also provided a lovely place to stay, in the penthouse of the Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur. I feel very lucky,” she said.

Three of KL's Top 20 Restaurants listed by CNN Travel housed in YTL Properties
CNN, 18 June 2013
CNN recently listed Kuala Lumpur as the 4th best shopping destination in the world after New York, London and Tokyo. Kuala Lumpur was also ranked as the second best retail shopping destination in Asia Pacific, according to the Globe Shopper Index, cementing its position as a shopping paradise. Shopping and dining seems to take centre stage as seen by the multitude of malls and eateries sprouting all around Malaysia's capital city.

It was widely acknowledged that YTL played a significant role by persuading the government to remove the high duties of branded goods and also to allow the fast tracking of the Bintang Walk pedestrian walk which is enjoyed by 50 million tourists and Malaysians yearly.

Three of the Kuala Lumpur's Top 20 Restaurants listed by CNN Travel are housed in YTL Properties in the city Centre. Shanghai Restaurant in JW Marriott, Enak in Starhill Gallery and Kim Lian Kee in Lot 10 Hutong are a must-try for a satiating culinary experience.

From street snacks to posh plates at the city’s best-dressed tables, variety is the key in multi-cultural KL.

Richard Mille Parties in Style at relaunch of boutique at Starhill Gallery
Kuala Lumpur, 23 May 2013
The illustrious Richard Mille himself was in town recently for the re-launch of the Richard Mille boutique at Starhill Gallery.

Results: 52 - 54 of 351
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