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Gubelin, 160-year-old jewellery brand arrives in KL
The Star, 14 December 2012
The business that was started in 1854 by the Gubelin family features a wide range of selected gems and signature jewellery collections. It has a presence in Switzerland's premier locations.

In conjunction with Asia's luxury watch and jewellery showcase "A journey through Time V1", Gubelin opened a store in YTL's Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, its first retail presence in Asia.

"We decided on Malaysia because there is an increasing trend in Asia for luxury goods and we're confident that we'll benefit from this trend.

"Actually, we also had the opportunity to open our first Asian store in Hong Kong, but the opportunity in Malaysia came first and we've always thought about penetrating this part of Asia first," explained Gubelin chief executive officer and board member Raphael Gubelin.

A perfect night for gemstones
YTL E-Solutions, 11 December 2012
It was a glamorous affair at the opening of Gubelinís first jewellery boutique outside of Switzerland, in conjunction with A Journey Through Time VI at Starhill Gallery. A rich collection of signature jewellery designs, together with the unique beauty of their gemstones were displayed to the delight of several distinguished guests.

Celebration of time
Kuala Lumpur, 8 December 2012
"Ever since 1999, when the Malaysian government with strong YTL encouragement, waived the duty on luxury watches, we felt the need to put a continuous effort in promoting Malaysia's duty-free status on an international level while placing the country prominently in the world map for its horology highlights," says Joseph Yeoh, YTL Land & Development and YTL Hotels Vice-President.

This showcase is where true masterpieces are discovered and Yeoh hopes that one day AJTT will achieve the stature of Baselworld Fair of Asia because he believes their intentions have been received positively by professionals in the watch industry.

"The showcase offers watchmakers the opportunity to exhibit their latest creations six months earlier than they could at the Baselworld Fair. This would allow retailers to have the latest watches in store and ready to sell for the spring/summer season, creating an additional sale period which would help grow the watch industry."

"Due to Malaysia being in such close proximity to China and other Asia Pacific countries as well as possessing the largest dedicated retail space for luxurious watch outlets in the world in Starhill Gallery where all the watches and jewellery are set at cheaper prices due to our duty-free policy, AJTT has the potential to turn Malaysia into a mini Basel," adds Yeoh.

Results: 61 - 63 of 350
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