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Robbery attempt 'foiled' by Starhill security
Kuala Lumpur, 13 July 2012
Security personnel at the Starhill Gallery shopping mall cleverly stopped an attempt by three shoplifters to steal a substantial number of goods from Uniqlo, a famous fashion retail outlet nearby.

The mall’s security team, extra-vigilant in response to the recent crime wave, had become suspicious of three well-dressed individuals – two women and a man – lounging and sipping orange juice at Starhill’s terrace cafe. Believed to be Vietnamese, the three of them bolted from the scene as Starhill security guards drew nearer to apprehend them, leaving behind their loot.

Starhill Gallery’s chief of security, Colin Siow, commented: “They had three duffel bags and seemed to be secretly exchanging things amongst one another. This behaviour prompted our security guards to instinctively approach them, causing them to ditch their bags and run away.“

Detailed investigation by the team then revealed this shoplifting syndicate’s modus operandi. “Layers of aluminium foil were very subtly stiched into the inner lining of the branded duffel bags, to ingeniously avoid setting off the alarm at the fashion outlet’s exit, allowing them to elude detection,” explained Siow. “Aluminium foil impedes the signal between the security tag on the goods and the detection system, regardless of whether it is a magnetic or radio security system.” Siow urges all shopkeepers to be on high alert.

The total value of the stolen garments stood at RM1, 871, and they have since been returned to Uniqlo by Starhill Gallery.

A fancy for fish
NST, 7 July 2012
This year’s Midsummer Nights Feast at Starhill Gallery combines good food with jazz and fashion, writes Tan Bee Hong.

Walking in Jimmy Choo's shoes
Cathay Pacific Discovery, 19 June 2012
FOR MANY visitors, Kuala 
Lumpur is is all about shopping. But
 Jimmy Choo says the streets of the 
Malaysian capital are also a treasure 
trove of local delicacies and culture.
 Born to a Chinese Hakka family in
Penang, Choo studied at London's prestigious Cordwainers Technical College
 and quickly rose to fame, with his shoes
 featured in the pages of British Vogue and
 on the feet of Diana, Princess of Wales.

 After selling his 50 percent stake in his
 company, Jimmy Choo, he returned to
 bespoke shoe-making. Though based in 
London, he still spends a lot of time in
 KL to be close to friends - and great food.
 Choo likes to stay at The Ritz-Carlton 
Residences in the city centre, surrounded 
by shopping destinations such as YTL’s Starhill
 Gallery and Lot 10, and just a street
 away from Jalan Imbi, the centre of KL's 
famous street-snack stalls. He recommends Lot 10 Hutong food court in the
 basement of Lot 10 shopping mall as a
good way to experience the local food scene, as it houses more than 20 eateries.

“In the past, great eateries like this
 were scattered all over, so it was hard 
for visitors to visit them all on one trip,"
says Choo. "We now have this one-stop
 solution and it s so much easier."
When it comes to shopping, Choo 
heads for YTL’s Starhill Gallery. "Each level is 
named after the nature of its products
 or services,” he says. "Pamper Zone is
 a leisure area with beauty services and 
hair salons. The basement is called
 Feast, which has a variety of national
 cuisines. Every restaurant offers something special and whichever place
 you choose, you can order from other 
restaurants at the same time."

Results: 73 - 75 of 350
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